Online evaluations taken to the next level.

Many homeowners would like to have a rough valuation based on the expertise of the local agent - without having to arrange a formal valuation meeting. The reasons are many and the question is if you want to help the future seller or if he or she should go to your competitor.

Many chains offer market reports in exchange for the contact information. However, these reports do not answer the homeowners questions since they don’t take any consideration factors such as renovation work etc.

Quedro’s online evaluation tool lets the homeowner easily submit extra information in the valuation request such as photos and a description of the home. The online evaluation tool sends this information to the local office and an agent makes the preliminary valuation that is sent back to the homeowner. The online evaluation tool even reminds the agent to call the homeowner two days later to hopefully land a IRL valuation.

Simply integrate the tool onto your homepage and you can instantly start to enjoy a new type of qualified inbounds. You will also get an edge with you social media campaigns and online advertising investments.

Online booking of valuation meetings.

Do you call your hairdresser? Do you call the restaurant? Do you call for a taxi?

You might still do. But the generation that grew up with iPad as a babysitter and now have entered the housing market definitely don’t. Will they call you? Or will they book the valuation meeting online with your competitor?

Quedro’s online booking tool is easily integrated on your homepage and allows the home seller to choose amongst the slots that you have made available. Simply add the times when you can accept valuation meetings to your Outlook calendar and the tool will do the rest. Our online booking tool can even send a meeting confirmation and SMS reminder to the seller from your email and mobile phone number.

As an agent, you will get an email with all the details and the booking tool will of course book in the appointment in your calendar.

An easy, simple, modern and effective way to get an edge in the battle for valuation meetings and reach new target groups.

Make sure your buyers come back to you.

Is there anything more annoying than when you find the home you sold three years ago is now on the market with your competitor - and you weren’t even contacted for a valuation? With Quedro’s value subscription tool you will always be top of mind of your previous buyers.

Everyone is interested in if their biggest asset is gaining or losing value and this is the area where you have your expertise. Everyone would appreciate if you got in touch regularly and gave them an update, wouldn’t they? Would you be the first agent they think of when they start to plan for the sales? If you only had time...

Quedro’s value subscription tool is as simple as effective.

You just register the buyers contact information, the address of their new home, the sales price and the completion date. The system will then, with the frequency that you choose, automatically send an uptodate valuation to your customer in your name. The valuation is based on the original sales price and the market statistics since the completion date.

Since the valuation SMS or e-mail is sent from your mobile phone number or e-mail address, your customer will get the impression that you have sent it yourself and you will get all replies from your customers straight to your phone or inbox. Be prepared for some “Thank you” SMS'!

PS. You can create value subscriptions for anyone owning their own home, even though they haven’t bought or sold with you (yet). Make sure to stay top of mind with all your potential clients!

Share the sales price and get new sellers.

For every home you sell there are quite a few nosy neighbours as well as people who are thinking of moving to the area. They’re all interested in what the buyer and seller actually agrees on regarding price.

By fulfilling their curiosity you stand out as an agent and hopefully also get a few new valuation meetings.

The sales prices becomes public sooner or later but who wants to wait? With Quedro’s sales price tool you can let interested people sign up and then with a few clicks send out the price after completion to all of them. You will of course need approval from the buyer and seller but very few refuse this. As an agent, you get a perfect pool of people to contact to ask for a valuation meeting.

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