Accelerate your performance.

Quedro CRM for Enterprise enables real estate chains to effectively build, manage and maintain their sales process and sales pipe. Built explicitly for real estate agents, Quedro CRM for Enterprise enables you to save money, time and improve your performance.

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"Analysing and understanding your data is crucial"

Enterprise is typically suited for real estate chains with a complex structure with multiple offices, locations and a large number of agents. Enterprise enables the use of top-down methods to control and manage everything from outgoing communication to inbounds according to a pre-defined method. With best practice sales techniques based upon thousand of agents, we know what works. Except real time data we also provide forecasts based upon sales activity today.

Analysing and understanding your data is crucial to optimization and further development of your company. Asking the right questions in order to measure and illustrate your valuable data is something we know extremely well. With over 10 years of experience with real estate chains on 7 different markets, varying in sizes from 10 to 1 000 people, we believe we’re more than capable of bringing success to your business too.

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