Effective sales. We power up the best real estate agents.

Thousands of agents from Northern Norway to Southern Spain all have one thing in common, a successful real estate sales platform. Quedro is a software development company with a passion for sales and the real estate industry. The company was born with the industry, and we plan to grow with it.

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About Us

"We simply believe that all agents can do better"

We simply believe that all agents can do better. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to help agents become top performers by providing knowledge and a platform based on best practices in sales from the estate agent industry.

There are better ways to build and deliver software today than five years ago. Technology is taking steps forward every day to the benefit of the users. That’s why we have built our platform on the most modern technologies available today and we are ready to upgrade tomorrow.

As with most of our customers, we share a common goal, we strive to be number 1. We love sales!

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