How to make sure your inbounds become valuation meetings

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“If you get an inbound: stop whatever you are doing and call!”

As you know, it is far from easy to find home owners to speak to. This makes it even more important to actually book valuation meetings with the inbounds you do get.

Here are some best practices when it comes to converting inbounds, i.e. people seeking contact with you, for valuation/sales meetings.

Time matters

If you get an inbound: stop whatever you are doing and call! Don’t worry if it is 8pm when you got the inbound, call at 8.02pm. The minutes matter and may even be the deciding factor when it comes to converting the inbound to a meeting. This is due to the following reasons:

  • First impressions count. Everyone wants an estate agent to responds quickly to queries from themselves as well as from potential buyers of their home. If you reply to the inbound after 24 hours you are definitely not giving a great first impression as an estate agent on his toes.
  • If the inbound is from a home owner looking for an estate agent you can take for granted that the person sent a contact request to two or three of your competitors as well. The one who calls first will almost guaranteed get the valuation meeting.

Surprisingly many estate agents haven’t yet understood this simple fact that time matters. There is a huge chance that just by improving your response time you can beat your competitors and improve your conversion rate considerably.

“The person posting a contact request on your homepage probably did it on two or three of your competitors homepages as well”

Example: The “free market” concept

Quedro’s CRM and Sales tool have a concept called “free market”. The concept introduces a sense of urgency among the agents and has proven to reduce the response time on inbounds. The system can be configured so that if an agent fails to contact the customer within a set time the inbound goes out on a “free market” where every agent in the office can see the inbound and contact the customer.

Follow through

When you call the potential customer you might not immediately get hold of them. Always send a SMS introducing yourself and explaining that you will try to call again. That way you have shown that you aren’t one of the 24-hour-later-agents. But make sure you also remember to call again later the same day, then the next day and so on until you get hold of the person. Always put a follow up task for your self!

“Show that you aren’t one of the 24-hour-later-agents”

Know your customers

If you or your office have been around in the area for a few years the chances are you have met many of the people in the area. It might be that they have been to a viewing or that you even helped them to buy or sell a property. By making sure you keep good notes about everyone you meet and sharing them in the office or chain you will later be known as the agent with amazing attention to detail. You can take a far more personable approach next time you have contact with them therefore improving your chances of a valuation meeting.

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