Use a modern real estate agency system together with Quedro

Use a system for properties, clients and prospects. Reduce the risk for sources of error and be more effective

A realty system supports the entire process from initial meeting to the finish and helps you manage properties, prospects and clients more effectively. Quedro has built the market's most complete realty system supporting all processes included in the responsibilities of a real estate agent 


A modern realty system helps with through the entire process from accepting a property to closing a deal. Our realty system helps you manage your properties and clients in a system and eliminates having to click through various realty systems, marketing systems and sales systems. 


Marketing support

Quedro's realty system gives you better support for your marketing. Generate newsletters and email promotions, send out text messages to your clients and prospects and create and manage showings and events effectively. We'll help you also to create better looking property ads and also with all the administration related to customer meetings. 


Sales support

Quedro contains smarter features for segmentation, processing, monitoring and matching compared to all other realty systems on the market. Do your own segmenting or make call lists based on probability calculations from our AI motor. 


Support for leadership and planning

Quedro's realty system makes it easier for you as a manager in a realty office to create, follow up and act on your results. Easily create a budget in the Quedro Realty system and in real time track how your staff, team, office - or entire business - performs by the month, quarter, calendar year and so on.


Using Quedro, you'll even get advanced tools for statistics and data management. Follow up your business in detail using our smart analytical features. Use our standard KPIs or define your own and build your own presentation interface.  


Smart features 

We have incorporated several smart features in our realty system to make it easier for you to close your deal rather than waste needless time on administration. Let us make your mileage reimbursement reports automatic, help with with weather warnings prior to meetings, manage meeting bookings smoother and automate your reminders. 


Many of our clients have seen how many hundreds of hours of manual work has been saved by switching over to Quedro's realty system instead of one of our competitors. We aim to make sure that all clients who use our Realty system are as satisfied as possible, regardless of size and so we have developed three different feature packages. 


Quedro BASE

A package suited for the smaller realty with basic features connected to a realty system on site. Don't pay more than you need to in a small firm.


Quedro PLUS

A package specially designed for a growing business with several employees and that needs more management and planning. Choose Quedro PLUS if you are aiming to grow your realty business using a modern realty system.


Quedro LARGE

A package designed for larger realty chains which includes all the functions you need to plan, manage and grow a realty with several offices and a large staff. 


With a modern realty system, your life as a realtor becomes much easier. Switch over to Quedro today and do yourself and your business a favour. 

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Access to everything via a service

You handle everything related to properties, customers and prospects in one system. Less clicking and easier handling

Powerful sales AND property management

Handle your properties and your clients together. Gain new insights by cross pollinating data points

Automate routine tasks

Create automatic flows of routine tasks and save hundreds of hours

Manage your properties based on goals

Using Quedro, you have access to follow up by property and can easily guide your sales efforts based on goals.

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Complete tools for driving sales processes

Effective interface

Manage the entire flow in a modern and user-friendly system. Eliminate needless clicking

Digital realty journal

Produce your own agent's report. We autogenerate from your activities and logs

Land survey excerpt

Handle all land survey information digitally using our integration

Adapted flow views

Adapt flows and processes according to your business

Smart bidding process

Choose hidden bids, text message bids, time-limited bids. Connect several people to the same bid

Suppliers and partners

Manage suppliers and partners for a website or printed material through Quedro

Document management

Manage documentation via the system. We update in real time

Publication on market sites

Market your properties via all leading market sites and using social media

Projects and new production

Create projects for handling several properties simultaneously. Handle roles and rights effectively

Choose the plan for CRM that suits your needs

Quedro Residential

  • Contacts database including smart segmentation features
  • Marketing through emails, text messaging and website
  • Follow up results individually, by office, area and business
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Lead processing
  • Smart booking of meetings
  • Automated work flows
  • Pick BAS, PLUS or LARGE based on the needs of your business
  • Integration with a agency system

Quedro Commercial

  • Customised processes for commercial real estate agencies
  • Contacts database including smart segmentation features
  • Market properties using emails, market sites and websites
  • Lead processing
  • Smart booking of meetings
  • Automated work flows
  • Integration with a agency system

Quedro New Production

  • Contacts database including smart segmentation features
  • Planning, processing and follow up of ongoing projects
  • Marketing by area, property and premise
  • Rights management for internal and external parties
  • Flexible licenses during project
  • Follow up results individually, by office, area and business
  • Lead processing
  • Automated work flows
  • Integration with a agency system
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*the price is quoted per user and month. Contact a salesman for detailed information on the offer and prices

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