Grow your business with Quedro Plus

A growing real estate business is more complex to operate but it also creates new opportunities - use Quedro as a growth platform.

Find new clients faster

Our Plus package includes an expanded segmentation tool to help you boost sales

Make use of best practice

We'll help you succeed. Our Plus package includes ongoing consultation and a smart method of working

Market yourself like a pro

Quedro Plus includes a marketing tool that lets you work your market and your leads more efficiently

Easily integrate with existing real estate agency systems

We have prepared integrations to all leading ERP systems. Use Quedro together with Vitec and Mspecs.

Give your staff smarter coaching

Plan and set goals together with your team. Easily follow up on individual goals and overall team performance.

Automate your administration

Our smarter features for booking meetings, mileage reimbursement, budgeting and follow up do the administration work for you.

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"Everyone agreed that Quedro was our best choice"

Newly-launched Signhome chose Quedro after a thorough vetting process. According to Martin Sundarp at Signhome, it was the simplicity and ease of use that were the deciding factors.

Martin Sundarp CEO, Signhome AB

"We brought in a CRM consultant to study our options," said Martin Sundarp. "Then a few of my staff tested the various systems and in the end they all preferred Quedro."

Sundarp explained that simplicity and visualisation are vital components of the Quedro offer.

"You understand this system faster. You can see the entire process from listing to sale. For the agent, coordinator and assistant, the processes are easy to follow which is super important." 

Signhome subjected the various CRM systems they were considering to specific tests to understand which of them would be the most user friendly. 

"When you're talking to someone on the phone, you can't be clicking around on your computer too much. We discovered that Quedro generated one third less clicking than other systems. It's an incredible advantage for our employees to be able to do this so easily and quickly." 

Signhome aims to grow its business with a focus on the Gothenburg areas. The hope is that they can design an extremely agile and flexible business for the local market.

Why does Signhome donate 10 per cent of earnings to charity?

"Traditional sales contests and champagne bottles don't get me motivated. I want to run a profitable business but I also feel that I can contribute to helping people. It is an incredible feeling to go to work and know that you can make a difference." 

Signhome was launched in Gothenburg in January 2020. The company has five staff members and is growing quickly. Signhome relies on Quedro Plus as a software package suited to a growing real estate agency office.

Välj den CRM-plan som passar dina behov


  • Contact database
  • Smart segmentation
  • Booking initial meeting
  • Set objectives and make forecasts - BASE
  • Email template
  • Send text message**
  • Email support
  • Support for up to 5 users
  • Support for 1 office
  • Integration with brokerage system**


  • Everything in BASE
  • Advanced sale features including monitoring and matching
  • Advanced goals and forecast functions
  • Create sales contests and phone lists
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Automate activities and flows
  • Lead processing
  • Integration with website
  • Advanced email features
  • Support through email and phone
  • Support for up to 20 users
  • Support for up to 4 offices


  • Everything in BASE and PLUS
  • Advanced lead processing
  • Smart distribution of leads
  • Customised processes and flows
  • Advanced statistics and analytics
  • Budgeting and follow up
  • Advanced automation
  • Support for unlimited number of users
  • Support for unlimited number of offices
  • Personal contact person for support and training
  • Brokerage system via external part
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*the price is quoted per user and month. Contact a salesman for detailed information on the offer and prices

**cost is not included

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