Achieve max performance from your chain with Quedro Large

A larger real estate agency chain with several offices needs a powerful CRM with specially-designed features. Discover how Quedro can support your business.

Combine CRM with marketing

Build automatic promotions, create videos from photographs and get a higher Google ranking.

A system for clients, properties and prospects

For our larger customers, we have developed a completely integrated package with Mspecs. Handle everything easier in one system.

Easier planning and follow up of your business

Forget about doing manual written reports and creating excel sheets. With our planning and follow up tools, you'll always be a step ahead.

Customise Quedro to suit your situation

Quedro is flexible. For our larger clients, we can customise everything from client processes to rights.

Automate communications and administration

Make communications automatic and eliminate adminstration. We offer the smartest tools in the industry.

We'll help you succeed

Our consultants are experts in the real estate business and constantly give you the benefit of our best practices.

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"Quedro helps us stay competitive"

SkandiaMäklarnas collaboration with Quedro offers several advantages with the most important being the chance to collect all data about property, clients and sales into one system and glean knowledge from this. 

Ulf Johansson, SkandiaMäklarna

Since its launch 40 years ago, SkandiaMäklarna has grown to become one of Sweden's largest real estate brokerage chains with 90 offices in Sweden and operations in several other countries. Aided by Quedro, SkandiaMäklarna has gathered all data on clients, prospects and properties into one system, a feature much appreciated by the staff. 

"As a real estate agent, you have to be out visiting clients as much as possible," says Ulf Johansson, business developer and the person responsible for franchising at SkandiaMäklarna. "The system is designed to make it easier for you to do this. A modern system is a prerequisite for growing your business." 

Besides making life easier for the staff, Quedro creates new opportunities for streamlining and managing the business. 

"The ability to possess data on properties, sales and customers in a system enables us to make better and more well grounded decisions about how we invest in our marketing, how we coach our staff and how our offices plan their businesses," says Ulf Johansson.  

This collaboration with Quedro is an investment in the long term survival of SkandiaMäklarna.

"The industry is rapidly becoming digitalised although this has progressed faster in other countries than in Sweden," continues Johansson. "We face heavy fee competition from a number of groups aiming to enter the business. So our system support is designed to ensure our long-term survival. We need Quedro so we can gear up for the future and to remain competitive."

What differentiates Quedro from other system suppliers?

"Understanding the everyday life of a real estate broker. Quedro has an entirely unique understanding of technology and business. They know the industry and understand the challenges facing the individual broker. Add to this the fact that Quedro is extremely customer oriented and accommodating to our wants and needs." 

SkandiaMäklarna was founded in 1980 in Stockholm and today has operations in Sweden, Spain and Portugal. The company has over 500 employees, 300 of whom are real estate agents. SkandiaMäklarna relies on Quedro Large which is a software program designed for larger real estate chains.

Välj den CRM-plan som passar dina behov


  • Contact database
  • Smart segmentation
  • Booking initial meeting
  • Set objectives and make forecasts - BASE
  • Email template
  • Send text message**
  • Email support
  • Support for up to 5 users
  • Support for 1 office
  • Integration with brokerage system**


  • Everything in BASE
  • Advanced sale features including monitoring and matching
  • Advanced goals and forecast functions
  • Create sales contests and phone lists
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Automate activities and flows
  • Lead processing
  • Integration with website
  • Advanced email features
  • Support through email and phone
  • Support for up to 20 users
  • Support for up to 4 offices


  • Everything in BASE and PLUS
  • Advanced lead processing
  • Smart distribution of leads
  • Customised processes and flows
  • Advanced statistics and analytics
  • Budgeting and follow up
  • Advanced automation
  • Support for unlimited number of users
  • Support for unlimited number of offices
  • Personal contact person for support and training
  • Brokerage system via external part
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*the price is quoted per user and month. Contact a salesman for detailed information on the offer and prices

**cost is not included

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