We are advancing the real estate business

We are streamlining the processes related to purchasing, renting and selling of residential and commercial property to help produce more real estate deals that are more secure too.

About Quedro

Quedro was launched in 2010 and has as its goal to streamline the processes associated with buying, renting and selling residential and commercial property. This way we will be helping produce more real estate deals that are also more secure. 

From the outset, we have developed a software platform that supports real estate agents in their work with properties, clients and prospects throughout the entire flow from listing to close. 

Today, Quedro is a market-leading, modern CRM platform for real estate agencies offering support for sales, marketing, budgeting, planning, analysis and follow up. 

Since its inception, Quedro has undergone strong growth and now attracts leading profiles in the business as well as smaller, more local real estate agents in the residential, new production and commercial properties areas. We have developed customised offers so that you as a real estate agent don't need to pay for more than what you actually need. 

We strive to build personal relations with our clients regardless of size and we are always transparent and incorporate solidarity in everything we do. This is something appreciated by our clients and staff and it has enabled us to grow our business rapidly from the day we launched.

Team behind Quedro

Simon Inges Ilrot Tech lead - Frontend
Cliff Stegell Bohjort Tech lead - Backend
Diar Kourehpaz Frontend developer
Christofer Elers Backend developer
Zainabu Nyamor Backend developer
Niklas Wessén Sysop
Max Oerther Support & Sales
Fredrik Forsberg Sales


Olof Hägerstrand Co-founder and Project Manager olof@quedro.com
Alexander Ahlbom Co-founder and Product owner alex@quedro.com
Stefan Bjärkefur Co-founder and CEO stefan@quedro.com
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